The Solecistic Recoder Mystery and Action Series - Enhanced Humans with Special Abilities

Who are enhanced humans? They are individuals having more capabilities than the normal humans. In general, experts in martial arts, atheletes, sports persons, stuntsmen, soldiers, etc. all may be considered as enhanced humans as they have more capabilities than the normal humans. Their capabilities are developed through training and practice. In the context of this web movies series, enhanced humans are the ones those can break the boundaries established by natural laws. For example, a human who could survive standing in fire or can withstand extreme negative temperatures without having any protective shields, make and withstand stronger impacts, breathe inside clouds of toxic gases without using gas masks, or can jump higher than normal humans without taking support of thruster machines. As science and technology is growing, enhanced humans can be created by scientists through genetic, cloning, or other biological engineering and through phyisioactive drugs. As evident in scriptures, God had created enhanced humans multiple times in the past to help Him meet some goals in this world.

In The Solecistic Recoder Sci Fi Mystery and Action Web Movies Series, both human-created and God-created enhanced humans have been presented. They have fought wars, especially when the "enemy" takes full control of all the human-created enhanced humans on the planet. God creates enhanced-humans through His savior. These humans can withstand the harsh environment caused by the Lake of Fire and can also withstand any mind control attempts by the enemy.

Are we talking about superheros and superheroines? To some extent, yes! But they are not either aliens, or mutants, or super humans having born with special abilities. They are engineered to become superheros using known technologies or known ways recorded in the Scriptures. Thus if you see an enhanced human exploding a warship using his sonic boom power, this capability is not imagined out of the blue albeit is a true record in one of the popular scriptures.

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