The Solecistic Recoder Mystery and Action Series
- Immersive Experience
What are backdrops and what are their value in movie making? Backdrops are high definition 2D images placed behind an active studio scene to create an environment for the actors. For example, a backdrop image of snow capped mountains can create an environment of snowfall in the foreground. When multiple carefully cropped backdrops are arranged in an array, a 3D illusion can be created using a compositing software. Such cropped images and many such layered attributes in compositing are called "passes".

The challenge with backdrops and passes is that they cannot be penetrated. They need to be viewed from a distance. This leaves only the foreground studio environment for any form of navigational experience. To gain deeper navigational experience, videos are used as backdrops. For example, a car riding through a highway inside a forest can be shot by superimposing the car's windscreen over the video shot earlier from a real moving car.

These compositing tricks have worked in movie making for ages. However, their ability to provide immersive experience is limited. A highly skilled compositor can develop a good immersive 3D illusion by rendering shots moving in the Z-direction navigating carefully through openings in multiple passes; but these techniques cannot beat the scenes shot in a 3D model used in games.

The Solecistic Recoder Web Movies series is entirely shot within massive 3D models. The camera movements shown in this series and the switching between panaromic and perspective cameras offer an amazing immersive experience to the viewers. In many scenes, the cameras cut through the walls thus giving a feeling of penetrating into the objects in the scene. The cinematic orthographic cameras cannot cut through objects; they can at the most zoom into them.

The challenge with this technique is that it is very difficult to merge such shots with studio shots. Even a highly experienced and skilled compositor will find it very difficult to use cinematic camera tracking or motion capture techniques to replicate the 3D model's camera in real world. The real challenge is in generating accurate camera tracking and motion capture data. Normally, such data is generated in the studio environment and then imported in 3D models to simulate that experience inside the model. But, this is the other way round.

To circumvent this challenge, we have conducted the entire filmmaking within 3D models treating them as "sets for filmmaking" using numerous perspective cameras positioned strategically. All characters and their acting are captured within the 3D environment. The interactions of the characters with the 3D objects within the 3D environment are captured in real time using in-built physics engine. This approach will offer you an immersive experience, which is possible only in very carefully designed and produced high budget 3D animation movies or massive studio infrastructures used by large studios to merge real scenes with 3D model-based scenes by replicating camera and motion capture data efficiently. In some of the scenes, we will take you deep inside an explosion-in-progress!

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