The Solecistic Recoder Sci-Fi Mystery and Action Series - Plot Synopsis
The Solecistic Recoder Sci-Fi Mystery and Action movies series has its screenplay written like a gameplay narrative. It has a massive story concept, small characters with big roles, superhumans, massive set pieces and visual styles, the ultimate conflict, the ultimate stakes, and the ultimate protagonist engaged in an ultimate mission of rebooting this planet's humanity and fighting the Ultimate War.

This world has ended. This Planet is now a burning land; covered with fire flowing like water in a massive "Lake of Fire" covering almost the entire surface of the planet, except the high mountains. The environment is toxic consisting of gases emanating continuously from the lake of fire. The sky is covered by gas clouds full of Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide. At frequent times, lightening with radiation is visible within the clouds. Something deeply mysterious has caused all of these over a period of about 40 to 50 years. However, even more mysterious is the survival of their human-like people in such a harsh environment. They live in cities built by materials having greater heat resistance than Tantalum carbide (TaC) and hafnium carbide (HfC). There is nothing left on this planet supporting conventional life - air, water, vegetation, birds, animals, etc. But their human-like beings survived in closed cities and are very happily living their social lives.

Their dwelling places are small-scale cities with capacities of 400 to 1000 people. The people live in lavish apartments, enjoy in dedicated partying zones, eat and drink, and love a lot. Everyone have their individual lives; and they work for "The Employers". The Employers are mysterious beings that never visit any city; but they control everything. The people living in these cities are commonly referred to as "Employees" identified by codenames only. The Employees work for The Employers in special zones called "Work Zones". Their workstations are strange; They comprise of 4D computers having interactive patterns configurable and modifiable by their bare hands. Every Employee is supposed to work for fixed duty hours every day on those 4D computers, upload data in extremely high capacity storage plates called "Chazzettees", and then enjoy long spells of partying in the "Party Zone".

Off late, The Employers have reduced their controls causing the cities to lose their energy levels. One of the Employees with codename ZZZ is very much worried about this change. He lives in a city called "Lattice City". This city is about 1200 "units" high with its pillars and base fully immersed into the Lake of Fire till a height of about 924 "units". A "unit" is a measurable in this planet (longer than a metre). ZZZ is one of the members of the maintenance team of Lattice City. The team is called "Courier Boys" having each member identified by three identical alphabets. ZZZ fears that the reduced controls by The Employers may gradually lead to the city getting consumed by the massive Lake of Fire burning below. He shares his concerns with the leader of the city Dr. ZED. In return, he is contacted by a mysterious man with amazing super-human abilities claiming to represent The Employers. He called himself RE-CAL-CON; the recalibrater of controls. He gives ZZZ a task to support him to bring the city back to its original energy level. However, things do not turn out as expected when the task is completed. The city malfunctions completely and ZZZ is confronted with deep secrets about him as a small character with a big role, the city, its inhabitants, and the reason why and how everyone exist there in the first place.

From this moment, a game of struggle begins against a massive army with unimaginable capabilities. ZZZ realises that he is a warrior among many of his kind prepared not only to save this planet's humanity but also to reboot it. They are the rebels against the rulers of this burning planet. The enemy is completely unknown to them. From massive warships to highly stealth attack weaponry, the enemy is equipped with all the powers available on this planet; and perhaps beyond. Science seems to be completely on their side. The fighters of the enemy are Humanoids and Creaturoids with amazing integrated weapons in their bodies. These are the Gogs and Magogs with various names: Terra-Gog, Mezo-Gog, Huo-Magog, Zeko-Magog, etc. ZZZ and his team need to counter this enemy with the help of special abilities gifted by "The Creator Himself". ZZZ's team is going to face "the Ultimate War".

Their struggle leads to numerous locations, revelations of numerous secrets, and finally an ultimate conflict leading to a conclusive war with the final enemy revealing their true identities. This series will comprise of 24 films each of about one hour duration. In this journey, you will visit multiple cities in this harsh world partially immersed in the Lake of Fire, meet the warriors, meet their mentor who has come from The Creator Himself, meet the Gogs and Magogs of multiple variants, and finally will confront the real enemy with events causing jaw-dropping surprises. With massive story concept, small characters with big roles, superhumans, massive set pieces and visual styles, the ultimate conflict, the ultimate stakes, breathtaking action sequences, harsh and scary external environment, beautiful internal architectures of the cities, clashes of special powers of either sides, numerous revelations, numerous emotions, edge of the seat action sequences, and the ultimate protagonist engaged in an ultimate mission of rebooting humanity and fighting the War of Armageddon; you will really be pleasantly surprised by everything offered to you; in nutshell; you will surely fall in love with this series.

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