The Solecistic Recoder Mystery and Action Series - The Design of Secrets
Why do you like a movie having secrets hidden in the plot, which are revealed to you gradually? Because your sense of inquisition makes it interesting for you. Sometimes, you may come to know about the secrets before they are revealed through your intuitive powers. You may perceive such movies as predictable and perhaps uninteresting. Filmmakers have always been finding innovative plots to defeat your intuitive powers by designing events, circumstances, sequences, relationships, and such plot elements that can shield the secrets as much as possible. Whenever they are successful, you have liked their films.

Secrets in gameplays are usually tied to locations. In addition, secrets may also be tied to gameplay elements (like, combining instruments in an inventory to gain a useful artifact), gameplay storylines (yes; we are talking about multiple plot lines; and you can try each of them separately leading to separate closures), and gameplay opponents (like, the secrets about their roles in the gameplay and the exploration of the right strategies in dealing with them).

Secrets in gameplays can be revealed through exploration, through helping guides, through visible artifacts leading to hidden ones, through text mesages, through back tracking, through scattered pieces of puzzles (to be assembled when all pieces are found), and through messages hidden in the dialogues.

As The Solecistic Recoder Mystery and Action Movies Web Series is designed like a gameplay, the secrets are also designed like a gameplay. The secrets are interconnected and also are revealed gradually over a journey of 24 movies; until the grand revelation in the final movie after the war of Armageddon. Secrets of every movie is connected with all the previous movies. You may consider each movie as a new level/stage of a gameplay. Your journey will take you through 8 to 10 cities and finally into a massive technology infrastructure owned by "the enemy" controlling the entire burning world in Year 2323; just like the god of this world before Armageddon as revealed in multiple scriptures. Every such location has hundreds of secrets, which cannot be revealed through the movies only. Hence, we have a roadmap to create a massive game based on this entire apparently unlimited yet seamless environment. As the assets are made for the movies, they are also prepared for the future game.

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