The Solecistic Recoder Mystery and Action Series - Story Elements Based On Actual Records of Science and Religion

Human Being is creative. Through Science and Technology, humans have created amazing materials, systems, processes, machines, robotics, control systems, and knowledge-driven intelligence as we witness in our daily lives. The innovations of human beings are growing at a rapid pace; as everyday new ones are appearing and old ones getting obsolete. Is Human being on the way to become God-like or God?

God's creation is completely different!! God did not conceive science and technology!! God's creation has been spiritual using powers unimaginable and incomprehensible by human beings. Perhaps, this is the reason why Science does not recognise God; largely. Ideally, God's and human's creations should have existed in their respective domains supporting and complementing each other. They shouldn't have clashed with each other.

Unfortunately, God's and human's creation are clashing today. Human's creation is destroying God's creation gradually. Some of the human's creation can completely destroy this planet in a matter of less than an hour. Shouldn't God be concerned about such abilities developed by humans? Can God really protect humans who are in a self-destruct mode? Perhaps, yes; but God is bound by His covenant about free will!

However, what-if the destruction is coming from somewhere else; and God has not yet fully identified this source although He was aware about it? Perhaps, by the time God identifies this source, the destruction happens and the source remains hidden. This possibility can happen simply because God did not create this source at the first place and is not controlling it! The humans created this source but could never control it! God did not intervene because of His covenant about free will of humans. Hence, He had to wait till the right moment. The humans knew about this covenant from the very beginning and took maximum advantage of it; till they lost control to "the Enemy". The Enemy also knew about it; but never cared for it because the primary weapon used by them was science, which always failed to detect any empirical evidences about existence of God.

The destruction is happening already; and the effects are shown in this mystery and action web movies series! To know how and why, the current and projected innovations in science have been investigated deeply to develop the story elements. The Solecistic Recoder Mystery and Action series is based on real evidences and records of science and from the Scriptures. The scientific concepts are taken from books and journals, and the records of Science News; and the religious concepts are taken from the Scriptures. In this way, a design on how the world in Year 2323 has survived immersed in the Lake of Fire and a design on how God has planned to save the residual humanity and finally reboot it completely have been conceptualised and shown in this mystery and action web series. This time when God sent a saviour to this world, his knowledge and capabilities includes manipulation of systems, robotics, control systems, machineries, and their intelligence. These capabilities are on the top of his ancient capabilities to use spiritual knowledge and power for saving humanity. In this series, he is shown as the synergiser and integrator of both human's and God's creations. He reboots and protects the remaining humans, and prepares them for the final war of Armageddon - with the enemy that God was aware about but never revealed completely!

Summary: The Solecistic Recoder mystery and action web movies series comprises of realistic scientific concepts and merging of elements of science and religion, with story elements of puzzles, investigation, combat design, combat flow, etc. taken from actual records of science from books and journals; and of religion from Scriptures.

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